About Us

     Ritt’s Twisted Brisket is a mobile food truck featuring award winning brisket by Pitmaster John who has been cooking brisket for the better part of 25 years.  He and his wife Judy have participated in BBQ cookoffs around Texas and won several awards for their efforts.

     Our goal is to make brisket more of a walk-around food instead of a plated dinner, hence the “twist”.  Our signature dish is delicious and tender slow smoked brisket served in a waffle cone topped with family recipe baked beans and coleslaw. Our menu also includes tornadoes, nachos, tacos and sliders.

     Pitmaster John is very particular about his BBQ, taking all variables into account, outdoor temperature, wind,  cut of meat, pit temperature and lots of others. He strives for the tenderest best tasting brisket you’ll ever put in your mouth!

     You may find us at various locations in and around San Antonio and the Hill Country.  Check the Schedule page for listings of our schedule.

     We are also available for catering of your special event!

     Follow us on twitter @twisted_bbq or on FB www.facebook.com/RittsTwistedBtisket to see where we will be and when!  We always welcome your feedback!

email me at bbq@rittstwistedbrisket.com