A Passion

I haven’t posted in awhile because I was simply not inspired to do so.  I now have that inspiration!

Working in the food business is hard work.  No one would deny that whether you have actually worked in it or not.  You’ve probably at least known someone who has worked as a server, cook, bartender, manager, dish washer,  janitor or host/hostess.  You’ve heard the stories of coworkers and their attitudes, work ethics or lack thereof, managers and their shortcomings, customers and their complaints and so on.  Getting everything to go smoothly so that food gets out to the customers that is delicious and timely is the result of good planning, good employees, good training and some luck.  Now let’s take that large restaurant down to mobile kitchen size!

Most trucks I know have one or two owners who are also the employees.  Some have another person or two that help out from time to time, but remember the space is small so  the number of bodies that will fit in there are limited.  These owners are also the cook,  host/hostess, server, manager, dish washer and janitor! An impeccable work ethic is a must. They are responsible for all of the planning for the service they are about to provide.  The quantity and the quality of the food they serve is entirely up to them as is getting the orders out in a timely manner. Every detail is the result of many hours of thought and discussion.  From what to serve, how to serve it, logistics of cooking, heating, cooling, and safety, necessary equipment, purchasing, cleaning and so on. There is nothing that has not been hashed, rehashed, tried and revised over and over. Figuring out how much food to have on hand is THE most difficult part of the whole operation because one NEVER knows what size crowd will show up nor what kind of food they will be in the mood for. Case in point was this past weekend at the Food Truck Throw Down at Boardwalk on Bulverde.  With all of the advertising on TV, Twitter and Facebook, the crowds were off the charts.  Some trucks were caught off guard by the phenomenal response!  Some could get more food and go on while others could not, but even so, it was a great weekend! On top of all of that, in the summer, these boxes are HOT!  Even with air conditioners, once the ovens, steam tables, grills and fryers are going……..well, you get the idea.  One has to keep up a positive attitude or things just will not work.  A happy face is an absolute MUST!

I know this all sounds like I’m complaining, but that is NOT the case.  I guess I just wanted to give an insider’s view of it all. We are all in this business because it is a passion for us!  We own our own business, we provide something that people want and we do it because we love it!  Our customers are the greatest!  They are patient and understanding when they have to wait in line for their favorite fare because they know we are working just as hard and fast as we can to provide a great product!  They’re disappointed when we run out but know we’ll be back!

In the end, we will be out there, working and loving every minute, enjoying being with everyone that is involved in this endeavor of food trucking and are now a part of our Food Truck Family!

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