Never Give Up

Perseverance is defined as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Food truck owners/operators often work in the face of adversity. No amount of planning will ever cover all of the possible unexpected problems that will occur. It could simply be that a supplier is out of an important ingredient or the generator is on the blink when most needed. Maybe the refrigerator door flies open on the way to an event (really happened – get some bungee cords!), inclement weather puts a “damper” on things or more seriously engine trouble arises.

A perfect example is something that I personally dealt with recently.  The truck needed some work on the fuel system and repairs were made.  The next day I had an event to go to in which I was the only truck.  My poor truck wouldn’t go over 30 miles per hour!!  Hard to get around in this town by staying off of the freeways, but I managed to get from my house to Callaghan and I10 by staying completely on the access roads!  A 20 minute drive took 50 minutes!  I was totally impressed that no one honked at me! Many people said, “Why didn’t you turn around and go home?” One reason. I had a commitment to be somewhere. People were depending on me.  My goal was to get there or my truck die on the way. In short, I made it and on time, my commitment was fulfilled. I didn’t give up. (The problem has since been resolved)

Sometimes there are bigger picture obstacles to overcome.  Questions to answer as to the business plan being followed. Those questions often come up during the live and learn process.  What is the best course of action for the way I do business based on situations encountered. In the midst of adversity, it is easy to get caught up in the downside of things, questioning and criticizing everything.  But one must  take time to discuss, single out and fix only those issues that really need attention and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP! All is not REALLY lost.

Stay Calm and just do some intelligent analysis!  Persevere, move on and move forward.  It will make the business better in the long run and it is all about always getting better!

A Passion

I haven’t posted in awhile because I was simply not inspired to do so.  I now have that inspiration!

Working in the food business is hard work.  No one would deny that whether you have actually worked in it or not.  You’ve probably at least known someone who has worked as a server, cook, bartender, manager, dish washer,  janitor or host/hostess.  You’ve heard the stories of coworkers and their attitudes, work ethics or lack thereof, managers and their shortcomings, customers and their complaints and so on.  Getting everything to go smoothly so that food gets out to the customers that is delicious and timely is the result of good planning, good employees, good training and some luck.  Now let’s take that large restaurant down to mobile kitchen size!

Most trucks I know have one or two owners who are also the employees.  Some have another person or two that help out from time to time, but remember the space is small so  the number of bodies that will fit in there are limited.  These owners are also the cook,  host/hostess, server, manager, dish washer and janitor! An impeccable work ethic is a must. They are responsible for all of the planning for the service they are about to provide.  The quantity and the quality of the food they serve is entirely up to them as is getting the orders out in a timely manner. Every detail is the result of many hours of thought and discussion.  From what to serve, how to serve it, logistics of cooking, heating, cooling, and safety, necessary equipment, purchasing, cleaning and so on. There is nothing that has not been hashed, rehashed, tried and revised over and over. Figuring out how much food to have on hand is THE most difficult part of the whole operation because one NEVER knows what size crowd will show up nor what kind of food they will be in the mood for. Case in point was this past weekend at the Food Truck Throw Down at Boardwalk on Bulverde.  With all of the advertising on TV, Twitter and Facebook, the crowds were off the charts.  Some trucks were caught off guard by the phenomenal response!  Some could get more food and go on while others could not, but even so, it was a great weekend! On top of all of that, in the summer, these boxes are HOT!  Even with air conditioners, once the ovens, steam tables, grills and fryers are going……..well, you get the idea.  One has to keep up a positive attitude or things just will not work.  A happy face is an absolute MUST!

I know this all sounds like I’m complaining, but that is NOT the case.  I guess I just wanted to give an insider’s view of it all. We are all in this business because it is a passion for us!  We own our own business, we provide something that people want and we do it because we love it!  Our customers are the greatest!  They are patient and understanding when they have to wait in line for their favorite fare because they know we are working just as hard and fast as we can to provide a great product!  They’re disappointed when we run out but know we’ll be back!

In the end, we will be out there, working and loving every minute, enjoying being with everyone that is involved in this endeavor of food trucking and are now a part of our Food Truck Family!


Mayday!!  Mayday!!  What happened to May day!!??  I don’t know what happened to May Month!!  I suppose one cannot complain about being busy!  After all as the old saying goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground”.  What I have found in my short time in the world of mobile food vending is that even when one is not open for business, there is still so much to do, thinking, planning, shopping and prepping!  It’s difficult to find “down” time.  The food business is not for the meek, the timid or the lazy!

As summer comes, the food business heats up just as the weather does.  Being outside is inviting.  And what is more inviting than getting out, enjoying a cold beverage, good friends and great food!  The opportunities for just this scenario are becoming more and more prevalent.  In my opinion, the best ways to find out where to find all this fun are by joining Twitter and Facebook.  Sign up and “Follow”, “Like” your favorite Truck, Brewery, Winery, Park or other venue and you will be lead in many new directions.  Social media is very big in the mobile food vending business whether you are a vendor or a patron.  Besides the obvious advantages, it is fun to read and see what everyone is up to!

Gear up!  Get out!  Find new adventures!  Enjoy summer!

Twisted Spring

Seems the old groundhog was in a fog or a funk when he came out of hiding this past February!  Yes, pun intended.  He couldn’t “see” that winter was pulling the wool over his eyes, preTENDing to make an early exit, when in reality he was gearing up for an extended stay!  No reason to be dismayed.  After all, this is Texas and we all know what is in store for us soon – I, for one, am just enjoying it all.

Lots of great and fun things going on in the food truck world despite weird weather.  Park events at The Point Park and Eats and Boardwalk on Bulverde with lots of great music, craft beers and of course, food!  Find  upcoming events on Facebook.  Downtown areas are always hoppin’ at Alamo Street Eat – Bar, Travis Par  and Main Plaza.  More and more companies and industrial areas are incorporating food trucks into their lunch agendas, Port SA, Brook Hollow, Lancer Corp, Bjorns, etc.

What this means is that San Antonio and surrounding areas are accepting food trucks for the delicious, fastidious rolling gourmet food venues that they are.  It means that the high standards practiced by the individual truck must remain of the utmost importance.  Overcoming the old mentality has involved a cultivation of trust that what is served is held to the highest quality and safety standards.  We’ve worked hard for that trust so let’s not compromise it!

To our customers – we appreciate your patronage so much!  Thank you for finding us, following us, complimenting us and giving us your repeat business!  Without you, we don’t exist!  Keep on Truckin’!

May should be an outstanding month as the weather DOES begin to cooperate – check it all out and have some fun!!

March Madness

OK. I know that’s not an original title.  But it is fitting!  March was mad and crazy for Twisted Brisket!  We were at The Point Park and Eats, Boardwalk on Bulverde and the Pavillion food truck parks.  It was lots of fun meeting and being able to serve lots of people.  I love that part. Without the people – we are just another 4 wheeled vehicle!

Besides the great crowds, there was really great music available to enjoy.  It really is just such an entertaining evening to be out at one of the parks these spring days and evenings.  Bring your friends, enjoy good camaraderie and of course great food!  Be sure to check the Facebook pages and websites for the parks so you can decide where you would like to be!

Whatever you may think of this new dining culture, whether you frequent food trucks often or you are new to it, it is growing and being defined day by day.  We that are part of it are really having the time of our lives!  The people that you (we) meet are just really fun and interesting people. Families and pets are usually welcome and catered to so there’s no reason to get a babysitter – bring the whole family!  If you haven’t yet had the experience or you know someone who hasn’t  – what are you waiting for!  The food has been phenomenal on every truck we have eaten from!

Don’t forget that we are available for events and private catering as well!

Happy Easter all and Happy Eating!

Looking Forward

Our debut is behind us and what a weekend it was at the Boardwalk on Bulverde!  Crowds were awesome!  All had a great time with the free beer, music and of course “Twisted Brisket” and the other delicious food truck foods!  The “Twisteds” and the “Tornadoes” were a hit!  If you haven’t tried one yet, check out the EVENT page for where we will be soon.

Unfortunately, the weather decided to interfere with our February 9th showing at “The Point Park and Eats”.  Soupy and cold all day.  But no worries.  Those that braved the elements still had a good time.

We are looking forward to being back at both places in March.  The weather is warming, beer is flowing and good food is abundant!

Come out and visit!



Twisted Brisket Debut

Well folks,  Ritt’s Twisted Brisket debuted this past Friday and Saturday – January 18th and 19th at The Boardwalk on Bulverde and I must say, I couldn’t have been more pleased.  The crowds were awesome, our fare was well received and we were busy!  Thanks to all who attended!  Fun was had by all and the food at all the trucks in attendance was just awesome!

We just had so much fun and it was quite a learning experience for us too. Space inside a food truck is limited, so you have to learn how to make it work most efficiently. By the end of the weekend we had it all worked out!

Looking forward to our next event – The Point Park and Eats on February 9th for dinner 4:00 – 11:00 p.m.  Hope to see you there!