Mayday!!  Mayday!!  What happened to May day!!??  I don’t know what happened to May Month!!  I suppose one cannot complain about being busy!  After all as the old saying goes, “Idle hands are the devil’s playground”.  What I have found in my short time in the world of mobile food vending is that even when one is not open for business, there is still so much to do, thinking, planning, shopping and prepping!  It’s difficult to find “down” time.  The food business is not for the meek, the timid or the lazy!

As summer comes, the food business heats up just as the weather does.  Being outside is inviting.  And what is more inviting than getting out, enjoying a cold beverage, good friends and great food!  The opportunities for just this scenario are becoming more and more prevalent.  In my opinion, the best ways to find out where to find all this fun are by joining Twitter and Facebook.  Sign up and “Follow”, “Like” your favorite Truck, Brewery, Winery, Park or other venue and you will be lead in many new directions.  Social media is very big in the mobile food vending business whether you are a vendor or a patron.  Besides the obvious advantages, it is fun to read and see what everyone is up to!

Gear up!  Get out!  Find new adventures!  Enjoy summer!

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