Never Give Up

Perseverance is defined as steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

Food truck owners/operators often work in the face of adversity. No amount of planning will ever cover all of the possible unexpected problems that will occur. It could simply be that a supplier is out of an important ingredient or the generator is on the blink when most needed. Maybe the refrigerator door flies open on the way to an event (really happened – get some bungee cords!), inclement weather puts a “damper” on things or more seriously engine trouble arises.

A perfect example is something that I personally dealt with recently.  The truck needed some work on the fuel system and repairs were made.  The next day I had an event to go to in which I was the only truck.  My poor truck wouldn’t go over 30 miles per hour!!  Hard to get around in this town by staying off of the freeways, but I managed to get from my house to Callaghan and I10 by staying completely on the access roads!  A 20 minute drive took 50 minutes!  I was totally impressed that no one honked at me! Many people said, “Why didn’t you turn around and go home?” One reason. I had a commitment to be somewhere. People were depending on me.  My goal was to get there or my truck die on the way. In short, I made it and on time, my commitment was fulfilled. I didn’t give up. (The problem has since been resolved)

Sometimes there are bigger picture obstacles to overcome.  Questions to answer as to the business plan being followed. Those questions often come up during the live and learn process.  What is the best course of action for the way I do business based on situations encountered. In the midst of adversity, it is easy to get caught up in the downside of things, questioning and criticizing everything.  But one must  take time to discuss, single out and fix only those issues that really need attention and most importantly NEVER GIVE UP! All is not REALLY lost.

Stay Calm and just do some intelligent analysis!  Persevere, move on and move forward.  It will make the business better in the long run and it is all about always getting better!

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